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Established in 1973, the team at Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing are celebrating 40 years in the business, providing superior conveyancing services to customers throughout South Australia, 

We have built a team based on excellent customer service and we treat each settlement as if it was our own. 

We are passionate about what we do and nothing is too much trouble to get the settlement through on time.

Chose A Conveyancer In Adelaide Who is Affordable, Reliable, & Efficient

We at Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing have helped thousands of clients by tackling the most complex parts of property law and keeping both buyers and sellers informed and clear on the process throughout. Legal procedures can be intimidating, tedious, expensive, and slow in the wrong hands. Worse still, once you have realised you are dissatisfied, it might be too late to switch. Plus, property law is something that virtually everyone will deal with in some capacity or another throughout their lives. That is why it is crucial to choose the right legal representatives from the start. With Blackwood & Belair, that is exactly what you are choosing. We are experienced & dedicated conveyancers in Adelaide who have been looking after communities across South Australia for over 40 years.

When you hire us, you are paying for the resources and services of a seasoned team of SA conveyancers that has been through multiple incarnations of the legal process over the years. That means we can accommodate the unique needs of our individual clients. Whatever your particular purchase, sale, or title adjustment is, we can help. We can also offer informed advice on your transaction to help you reach a settlement you are thoroughly satisfied with.

When dealing with legal work, people want to be treated and charged fairly, and they want to understand the documentation and process they are engaging in. We can ensure both. We are proud to provide the most dedicated customer service of any Adelaide property conveyancers.

The Essential Role of Conveyancers in Adelaide

By definition, conveyance is the legal part of a property transfer from owner to buyer. So, Adelaide conveyancing lawyers handle the property title and any related documents and communications. We represent the buyer or seller in a sale until both parties agree on a settlement, which outlines the terms of the sale. After that, we make sure the sale is properly documented and paid.

Conveyancing ensures that all parties in a property sale are informed and properly represented in a legal capacity. Conveyancers also assist in keeping the transaction fair towards the party they are representing. In other words, when you hire us while buying or selling property, we make sure you know all the relevant financial details, meet all the required dates and deadlines, and are aware of any unique details about the property. With proper conveyancing services in Adelaide, you will never find any surprise conditions or restrictions on a newly bought or sold property after the process.

That is why a property conveyancer in Adelaide is required by law for any property sales. We exist to make sure you understand where you stand legally; that includes what is required of you and what protections you have as a buyer or seller. Without our services, it is impossible to guarantee that a property transfer has been totally fair and clear to all relevant parties. When you are legally uninformed, the law traps you; when you know where you stand, it protects you. No property sale in Australia is legally valid without a conveyancer in Adelaide being involved either, so we are a mandatory part of the process. Read More

What Makes Us Unique Among Adelaide Property Conveyancers?

Residential conveyancing in Adelaide is the same for everyone; it is roughly the same laws across all of Australia since conveyancing regulations are decided by the government. So, when you are choosing your legal firm, it is not based on the process; it comes down to the support you can expect to receive.

With us, you are hiring a full office of professionals ready to attend to your settlement with careful attention paid to your unique circumstances. Despite you having all our resources available, this does not mean that your case simply floats in our office back and forth. In fact, your case is always taken on by a specific file manager; that way, you always have the same point of contact when reaching out to us. You never have to explain something multiple times when speaking to someone new, saving you time and stress. Not all conveyancers in South Australia operate this way. Some operate as one-man offices, while others take on cases as a collective, leading to more confusion and time wasted.

The SA Conveyancer Process: Continued

Our work varies depending on whether you are the buyer or the seller in the transaction, though there is some overlap. In both cases, we can act as liaisons or representatives during conversations with the other party. If you have any requests or conditions for the sale, we can observe and convert them into the proper legal terminology. Likewise, we can legally interpret anything the other party requests or puts forward. That way, you are never confused about how proceedings are going during a sale. We also liaise with financial institutions such as your bank to keep track of the relevant payments and make sure everything proceeds on schedule.

When working for a seller, we also keep you informed of how the settlement proceeds after it has been agreed upon. That way, you know when all the legal work is done, and the sale is totally concluded. That means no missing payments or documents which might hinder you later on. We also make sure that any time-sensitive tasks are completed before their deadlines, which can include moving those deadlines as necessary. When carried out correctly, seller conveyancing protects you from any unreasonable or unexpected claims from the buyer later on. When everything is properly tracked and transferred, there is nothing to make a claim against.

When we offer our services to the buyer, we track all the important details of the property. If you are purchasing, we make sure you know everything you need to know. Does the property have any easements? Is it subject to special restrictions based on where it is or how old or new it is? What sort of title does the property have, and how does that affect you? These are all important parts of the sale that a buyer must understand. We also help you calculate what taxes will look like for the new property. After there is a settlement, we also make sure all the necessary documentation is transferred to you for you to have the title. Buyer conveyancing ensures that you are never in violation of any regulations on the property and that the seller notifies you of all of them. Read Less

Conveyancing in South Australia, Free of Stress and Confusion

We are now serving locations all across Adelaide & South Australia including but not limited to the following:

For most people, buying or selling property will be a major milestone in financial security and life stability. Put that milestone in the hands of professionals you can trust with our property or land conveyancing services.

Industry Experience

With more than 40 years of industry experience, you can rest assured Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing will offer a professional and efficient service.

Affordable Prices

Our services aren’t just high quality; they’re affordable. Get the professional conveyancing services you need without breaking the bank.

Tailored Service

At Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing, we’ll work with you to ensure our services suit your specific needs. We’re committed to providing a unique experience for every customer.

Professional Team

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and always going the extra mile to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our conveyancing services.

SA Land Conveyancing with
Attentive Professionals

When it comes to South Australia land conveyancing, hiring the best professionals translates to hiring the team at Blackwood & Belair. We have nearly 50 years of experience as South Australian conveyancers, and while laws have changed over the decades, our service has remained consistently reliable and trusted. We act quickly, research thoroughly, represent your interests diligently, and deliver customer service welcomingly. That's why our clients never experience any complications or delays related to our work. It is also why our clients always feel informed and clear on every step of the process, from negotiation to title research to settlement to financial documentation. Read More

Avoid the Troubles of Hiring the Wrong South Australian Land Conveyancer

With buying and selling land, unexpected or unaccounted-for regulations can resurface months or even years after a sale has been finalised. That can happen to you if your SA land conveyancers are not thorough and meticulous. For instance, your newly purchased land might be subject to heritage laws which limit construction. If the land you've purchased has wildlife on it, some of that fauna or flora might have legally protected status, which you might violate later on without knowing. Similarly, if you're selling land, you might need to perform certain checks depending on your land's legal status. You might need extra documentation to prove that the sale was completely legitimate. With a diligent conveyancer, all of this is taken care of, and you're kept informed the entire time. 

If not, you might be dealing with fallout further in the future. You can be held legally liable by your buyer, seller, or even by the government if some part of the settlement or sale is considered illegitimate. The devil is in the details in many situations, and land conveyancing is no exception. With land conveyancing, the devil in the details will come back to haunt you if any details were missed. That can lead to protracted legal disputes that cost money, time, and peace of mind.

Conveyancing Services Made Easy

Well congratulations, you've done it! You've finally bought a house, and whether you are a first time home buyer or you've done this before buying a property is no small feat and we are truly excited for you. Now that the big purchase is out of the way, it's time to make sure all of your paperwork is in order & the purchase is all above board - and that's we're we as conveyancers come in!

Of course, when you're committing to such a large transaction, you need to know what you're committing to - and having an experienced, professional team conducting conveyancing services in Adelaide on hand will help you understand and translate the legalese.

We understand that you have other commitments - a job, a family - and many demands on your time. Working with us significantly speeds up the conveyancing process. At an average of 30-45 days until completion, we don't waste time.

Our Adelaide residential conveyancing team are industry experts. We've been doing this for over 40 years - and we have the know-how, experience & the right team to turn the long, arduous process into one that is simple, quick and effective.

How Does Our Conveyance Service Differ?

Conveyancing is a legal process and conveyancers are bound by their legal duty to complete all necessary aspects of the sale or purchase. That said, not all conveyancing services in Adelaide are made equal. But making the wrong choice at the start can really set you back - or perhaps even risk the transfer falling through.

As noted in our many glowing reviews, one of our key areas of effectiveness is customer service. We understand how it feels, waiting and not knowing how the process is going. Are there problems? Is everything going well? Who knows.

So we've made it a top priority to ensure our clients are included every step of the way. We communicate regularly with relevant updates and make sure you know how things are going. A house conveyancer that keeps in touch, will keep happy clients. And we want you to be fully satisfied with the service you get at Blackwood and Belair Conveyancing.

If you want to find out why our clients are leaving fantastic reviews, we encourage you to reach out and book a consultation. We know you won't be disappointed.

You can contact us with any questions using our quick and easy online form, and someone will reply as soon as possible. We also welcome calls, emails and in-person visits (Blackwood, SA) if you prefer. There's no place better for comprehensive and conscientious Adelaide conveyancing service. Read Less

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