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With Blackwood & Belair, your unique or even unusual circumstances won't impact how well the process goes. We have been helping Australians since 1973; we have seen almost everything there is to see in property transfers. In other words, there are no jobs we aren't equipped to perform thoroughly and attentively. We'll make sure you can buy, sell, divide, or inherit your property with full knowledge of what that entails and what that means for you legally. And in matters of property, knowing and understanding the relevant laws is most of the battle.

While we handle the legal process, we don't leave you in the dark about it. Part of our service involves easing our clients' stress, which we do by keeping you up to date on the process and making sure the laws involved don't confuse you. When you hire us, you'll also always have a file manager as your go-to person for help. That way, you'll never have to reexplain something or have a request be lost between different Brighton conveyancers at the office. You get both the full attention of a single professional and the manpower and resources of a full office.

So, if you are worried that your property transfer isn't going well or simply want to avoid trouble later on, trust us at Blackwood & Belair to help.

When Might We Offer Conveyancing in Brighton?

Conveyancers are a legally mandated part of any process where property changes hands. In fact, the transfer is not legally acknowledged or valid without a property conveyancer involved. This is to make sure that nobody involved suffers a legal backlash from not knowing about the requirements of the transfer.

Our most common cases involve a client who is purchasing or selling property. That property can be residential, such as a house or apartment. It can also be commercial, such as a whole apartment complex, a business, or a public centre. There also doesn't need to be construction on the plot in question; conveyancers also handle the sale and purchase of undeveloped land.

Our services in these cases involve examining the title for any outstanding financial claims, restrictions, and easements; liaising between buyer or seller and lending institution; drawing up a contract for the settlement; representing clients in negotiations, and notifying relevant authorities of a change in ownership. We also help file any permits or extra paperwork required during the process, and we transfer the title over to the new owner as well.

But these services don't only apply to property sales. If you have inherited a property through a will, that will require a conveyancer as well. In that case, we would help you figure out the legal condition of the property and whether you're responsible for any encumbrances on it. We also help you instate yourself as the new owner; in rare cases, if a client wishes not to inherit the property, we can help with that paperwork as well.

Conveyancing All Across Brighton

With our Brighton property conveyancing service, you'll never be stuck figuring out dense legal jargon by yourself.

SA land conveyancers are in demand quite a bit these days since land is bought, sold, transferred and developed all over the state.

That being the case, though, it may be hard to settle on the SA land conveyancers you want to trust with your business.

How can you make sure that you choose people who are going to be effective in reducing your stress and save you time when you need to buy or sell property? Read More

What Services Can A Brighton Conveyancing Company Offer?

When it comes to conveyancing, it might sound like all Brighton conveyancing company offer the same thing - so why not go with the cheapest quote? But this is definitely not the case.

So many things can go wrong in the lead up to Settlement and Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing are experienced at noticing the pitfalls that may lead to delays in Settlement. So going with the cheapest quote is not the answer.. Conveyancing is an incredibly important part of the sale and purchase of property. And if done poorly, it could come back to bite you later. But, working with an established, professional team - with an enormous number of resources available to help you - is excellent value for money. Here at Blackwood and Belair, we customise the services we offer depending on your specific and unique circumstances. As a top Brighton conveyancing company, we also offer impeccable customer service, with regular and informative updates as your case progresses. The services you can expect include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing contracts for private transactions
  • Financial institution liaison
  • Ensuring your title is clean, clear and ready to be transferred
  • Settlements
  • Consideration of rates, taxes, Stamp Duty (and any eligible concessions available)
  • Legal advice regarding joint tenancy and tenants in common ownership
  • Inform the rating authorities of ownership change

You might not need all of the services our offer, and we ensure we meet our deadline every time by not wasting time on irrelevant matters. If you want professionalism, experience, efficiency and a high standard of competence in residential purchases and sales, we would love to meet with you. Read Less

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