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Whether you’re buying, selling, subdividing, inheriting, or splitting, we at Blackwood & Belair will know how to best assist and represent you. Owning property is becoming more and more of an achievement and prices soar; that means it’s all the more important to find the best legal support when you’re involved in a property sale. You might not buy or sell a property more than once or twice in your life nowadays, which makes it crucial to get the settlement right. Even before that stage, it’s essential to make sure you receive the best legal advice concerning negotiations and any relevant restrictions and regulations.

You’ll want to look back on your sale or purchase as a moment of success, of great financial savvy, of having worked hard and profited from it deservedly. You won’t want to think back on the sale or purchase and be reminded of months and months of stressful paperwork, tense negotiation, and surprise restrictions after the fact. With us, your success story will feel like exactly that: success.

Our office is staffed entirely by legal experts who know their way around the SA conveyancing process with ease. We’ll conduct all the relevant searches, contact the lending institutions, inform the rating authorities, and handle any title examinations and transfers. Throughout the process, you’ll have the same file manager as your point of contact to make sure you’re always talking to someone who is up to date and wholly familiar with your case. Most importantly, we’ll explain any restrictions and regulations that apply to you and keep you informed of any changes and updates in the process.

So, don’t let your achievement bring you unwarranted stress and trouble; choose us as your Glenelg conveyancing services and make the process easy.

Things Your Glenelg Conveyancer Can Tell You About a Newly Purchased Property

One of the biggest tasks we complete during Glenelg conveyancing is the searching process. Our searches look into any restrictions, environmental protections, and nearby planning that affects the property. But our searches also uncover conditions that are specific to the property. That might include heritage restrictions, which limit what renovations you can make to the property. It might also include easements, which allow someone else to legally use a portion of your property for a specific purpose. For instance, if you purchase a large plot of land, the city council might have an easement on the land near the road to build a traffic sign there.

We also check for any Joint Tenants to the property which might not be disclosed or may have been unknown. That's an unlikely circumstance, but we're thorough. Joint tenancy means that you share ownership of the property with someone else. That joint ownership can be transferred to a single one if everyone agrees, and it can also pass to one party once the other is deceased. We make sure you learn these details about the property well before you've finalised the purchase of it, which might affect your decision to purchase it. We make it a priority that you encounter no unpleasant surprises after settlement.

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You'll know what you're agreeing to, what protections to expect, and where you stand in the process. Avoid the typical nightmare stories related to buying property. We have you covered. Get in touch with Belair & Blackwood Conveyancing via the contact form below or you can email or contact us directly via our contact details also listed below. We serve areas all across SA & Adelaide including conveyancing in Glenelg & Aberfoyle Park conveyancing

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