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When you hire us at Blackwood & Belair, you're hiring a team of legal experts devoted to customer service and thorough work. We treat every case we receive as unique, and we always assign someone to serve as your point of contact for efficiency and reliability. You'll have the full support of our office on your case, but you'll have one Port Adelaide conveyancer who always knows all the details and is always ready to help you understand what's going on and to promote and represent your interests with the relevant parties. If you're worried and stressed over your property purchase or sale, hiring us will take that weight right off your shoulders.

Think of all the stress inherent in navigating property law. What can you legally do? What is required of you? What deadlines are there for certain paperwork or requests? What information are you entitled to, and how do you find it? What should you be paying for, and how much? The list goes on. It's enough to drive the average Australian insane; after all, the South Australian conveyancing laws usually make no effort to make itself easily legible. It's all dense, complicated, and full of exceptions.

If you feel the full weight of all that, you'll appreciate the difference once we start helping. You'll fully understand what laws apply to your situation and which ones don't affect you. You'll know what resources are available to you and where you can go to access them. You'll have the legal documentation taken care of for you while still feeling fully in control of the process. In short, all that stress, that feeling of being unprepared? All that vanishes. You can approach your property transfer as purely an achievement and not a chore. That's months of your life now liberated of major stress.

That's what we at Belair & Blackwood Conveyancing are offering you.

What Do Our Port Adelaide Conveyancing Services Cover?

When you hire us, we often begin by inspecting the title of the property in question, which is usually called a title search or examination. We do this to determine if there are any unwanted attachments on it, which are known as encumbrances. Those might include a lien, which is a legal claim on the property related to an unpaid debt. It might also include an easement, which entitles someone else to use a portion of the property in a very specific way. A title might also come encumbered with a lease if the seller was leasing the property to a tenant; if that's the case, you'd need to uphold that lease as the new owner.

Encumbrances become your problem when you buy a property, so it's crucial to know about them beforehand. Your seller might not even be aware, which is why our Port Adelaide conveyancing is there to help. You can learn more about our other services by clicking on "Services" in the navigation bar. We serve locations all across SA & Adelaide including Adelaide Hills conveyancing & conveyancing in Brighton.

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So, with that huge relief from stress we've promised, you're likely wondering what our services are. For one, we handle all the major documentation in the process, from the settlement to the title to any requests made along the way. We can certify that all the paperwork is in proper legal format and make sure it's all legitimate, so that you may proceed with the sale if all goes well.

We're ready to make Port Adelaide conveyancing easier and less stressful for you, simply fill out the form below or contact us via email or phone to get the ball rolling today. Read More

How Can Our Port Adelaide Conveyancing Company Make Your Life Easier

When you're buying or selling a house, it's definitely not easy to keep on top of the paperwork and deadlines whilst taking care of your other commitments. Residential sales are known to be intense, stressful events in your life. But you can get ahead of it all by engaging the services of our Port Adelaide Conveyancing company. Here at Blackwood and Belair Conveyancing, we keep you in the loop throughout the process. No waiting around for a phone call, not being kept in the dark. We pride ourselves on our top-tier communication and customer service. We offer a full range of residential conveyancing services to help you with all your title requirements, we liaise with financial institutions and can offer legal advice for all property-related matters. We also:

  • Prepare contracts for private negotiations
  • Complete any and all searches required by law
  • Adjust any rates or taxes that are outstanding
  • Inform rating agencies of a change of ownership
  • Advise you on matters relating to your contract
  • Assist with Stamp Duty and inform you of any discounts you may qualify for

And we complete this work, on time and in accordance with your contract which is usually between 30-45 days in accordance with the contract terms. A lot happens behind the scenes during this time and our Port Adelaide conveyancing company. will be with you all the way. The sale and purchase of property is a large commitment. There's no way to avoid the (seemingly endless) paperwork but working alongside industry experts gets the job done quickly and correctly. Read Less

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