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Whether you are buying or selling a property, we can assist you with all facets of the settlement process.

Transfers of land are always complicated—whether there is money involved or not. If you are just trying to transfer land from one family member to another, that fact will hardly make matters any simpler. You still need to do all the necessary paperwork to ensure that the transfer is legal and valid.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through this tricky process on your own. At Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing, one of the numerous services we offer is the transfer of land to family. Whether the transfer is from a husband to a wife, parents to children, sibling to sibling, or grandparents to their grandchildren, our conveyancers in Stirling can help to ensure that you account for all legalities.

What Our Conveyancers Do in a Family Land Transfer Situation

There can be any number of reasons for family members to want to transfer land among one another. Perhaps a husband wishes to transfer property to his wife’s name, whether as a gift or for a more even balance of assets. Maybe the land is being bequeathed from a parent to their children. Or perhaps a family member is selling a piece of land or property to another family member.

No matter the reasoning behind the transfer, and regardless of whether money changes hands, there are numerous contracts and forms of paperwork that you need to complete and lodge for the land transfer to be legally binding. From banks or lending institutions to the Lands Title Office or the Stamp Duties Office, there are also multiple other entities that may need to be involved in the transfer. If the land transfer is part of a deceased person’s estate, or if you are hoping to subdivide the land as well as transfer it, the process will be even more complicated and will involve even more entities.

Don’t let these complexities scare you or hamper your land transfer plans. Instead, call Blackwood and let our team help you. We offer a range of conveyancing services in Aldgate and Stirling and have the capability to help with your land transfer—no matter how complex it might seem.

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When you go to buy a new home, or sell a piece of property to someone you don’t know personally, you go in expecting a complicated process with lots of legalities and paperwork. However, when it comes to selling or giving a piece of land to someone else in your family, it seems like the process should be simpler.

Still, it’s important to protect yourself and all involved parties by making sure the land transfer is legally binding and complete. At Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing, we will help you go through the proper channels to ensure a fair and legal land transfer agreement. Call today to learn about our conveyancing services in Aldgate and Stirling. You can reach us on (08) 8278 8022.

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